energy efficiency made easy

We transform smart meter data into actionable intelligence.

How does your technology work?

EEme turns existing smart meter data into appliance-level and actionable insights by leveraging its state-of-the-art Machine Learning platform. Our scalable load disaggregation technology requires only existing raw smart meter data and a zip code. No new hardware. No additional data. No user training.

EEme’s machine learning platform is founded on a comprehensive and dynamic appliance signature library that continually feeds from academic and non-academic proprietary sources.

Have you proven your technology?

EEme has conducted the industry’s only comprehensive and publicly available 3rd party validation study for load disaggregation. You can learn more about our unprecedented 3rd party validation and superior certified accuracy results here.

How can my organization use the EEme platform?

To address the numerous use cases in the broader utility enterprise we have developed a novel Disaggregation-as-a-Service™ solution that plugs into other 3rd party platforms, e.g., a customer portal, customer information system or a meter data management system, via our cloud-based API. EEme operates as a “behind-the-scene” Analytics-as-a-Service company that supports existing demand-side management platforms and stakeholders.