energy efficiency made easy

We transform smart meter data into actionable intelligence.

EEme enables scalable demand-side analytics for all parties

New operational challenges are rising as distributed energy resources go mainstream meanwhile demand-side goals, grid resilience requirements, and climate change objectives become increasingly aggressive. EEme is filling the gap for a scalable demand-side analytics solution that is available to all parties. Our Disaggregation-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution supports use cases across the utility industry:

Demand Side Management


Program Design

  • Individual appliance-level input into market potential studies
  • Provides specific current insight from all customers


Targeting and Implementation

  • Target the right customers with the right measure and the appropriate message
  • Avoid wasted outreach costs and call center time on unqualified customers


Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

  • Quantify and validate actual savings
  • Periodical EM&V analysis feeding from AMI data stream
  • Leverage data to drive an energy efficiency meter


Customer Presentment

  • Report energy use and progress by appliance across all channels via bill inserts and customer portals
  • Personalized appliance-level recommendations and tips to drive behavioral programs

Non-DSM Utility Operations


Load forecasting

  • More granular and precise appliance-level insight into bottom-up forecasting
  • Discern weather-sensitive end-uses
  • Account for changes in appliance profiles
  • Provide insight into distribution planning


Customer Service

  • Provide appliance consumption and variances to address high bill inquiries via call center, mobile and web
  • Enlighten and empower customers with bill transparency
  • Reduce call volume and delight customers with specific appliance insights


Appliance diagnostics

  • Provide customers insight into potential appliance failures
  • Promote replacement of underperforming appliances
  • Create new revenue opportunities directly and through affiliate partners